Tree Trimming

It’s Tree Trimming time for your Oak Trees

Tree Trimming Time for Oaks is between July thru October for best results

Most native oak trees are dormant in the summer.

Evergreen oaks are dormant JULY thru OCTOBER. Tree Trimming time for Deciduous oaks that lose their leaves is in the winter.

For deciduous oaks like Engelmann oak, valley oak, and blue oaks winter is the best time for tree trimming.
Coast live oaks are evergreen and therefore dormant thru July and October.
Coast live oaks are common in the Foothills, of San Gabriel Valley and local communities, such as La Canada – Flintridge, La Crescenta, Glendale, Altadena, Pasadena, South Pasadena, San Marino, Sierra Madre, and Arcadia.
Oaks benefit from care NOW, according to the County of Los Angeles.

Now is tree trimming time for your oak trees and many city 
municipalities agree July thru October is the best time
to trim coast live oak trees.
Consequently cities such as South Pasadena and
La Canada-Flintridge strictly mandate these
tree trimming times. A fine can be administered if
pruned outside of times allocated by the city.

California law protects native trees, including oak trees.
The state of California bans the tree removal of native
oak trees and pruning more than
10% without a permit and complete evaluation.
Flintridge Tree Care's
arborists can help you with the evaluation and permit process.  
Pruning your oak tree up to 10% is necessary for healthy
growth and preventative damage.

Oak trees are historical. They existed in the state
during ancient times, according to the city of Los Angeles,
and were used by Native Americans and Spaniards living
in the area.

Healthy prune, when trees are dormant, benefits
your oaks, and sets them up to create new growth
in the spring.  When oaks are kept maintained the
chances of getting sick and dying are reduced. In
addition, they have a better chance of withstanding
heavy winds.

According to the farmer’s almanac, Santa Ana
winds typically happen from October to March.
The windier part of the year lasts for 7.1 months,
from October 4 to May 7, with high wind speeds.
The windiest month of the year in California
in February. The calmer time of year lasts from
May to October. Stay ahead and schedule your tree trimming now.

Get peace of mind from Flintridge Tree Care 
and get your free estimate today. Have your
oak trees and other tree pruning done now and
pruned regularly. Regular maintenance of your trees
will save you money, time, and energy.

Set up a regular maintenance plan for your tree trimming and you will not have
to worry any longer. We will take care of your trees and
landscape regularly. Ask about our plans.

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