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What is “Tree Monthly”?… Peace of Mind at a low cost!

“Tree Monthly” Saves money, eliminates procrastination, eliminates a large annual/biennial bill and trimming trees at the wrong time of year. This is a monthly budgeting system that allows our customers to properly budget for their tree trimming and all Tree Care Needs. One of the main complaints our customers have communicated to us is how painful it can be to have a large number of trees and realize that they went too long in between trimming them and they now have a big job with a larger than normal bill. On top of that the trees are overgrown for their space, out of balance and some unhealthy cuts may need to now be made, jeopardizing the longevity of established trees. There are also issues with timing the trimming in accordance with the time of year and the species. Most times a homeowner will have all their trees trimmed at once in order to get the job done in an effort to save money and not have the tree care company back at a different time of the year t take care of This eliminates the procrastination and the fear of a large annual bill.

Here’s what we do:

One of our Arborists will come out and establish how many trees you have and put them on a schedule as to when they should be trimmed. Some trees may need to be trimmed every year and some may only need to be trimmed every two to three years. The best part is you never need to worry about your trees again. We simply establish the schedule, review with you all the added “Tree Monthly” features, establish an annual cost, apply the proper discounts and break the amount down into monthly payments.

Joining “Tree Monthly” insures that your trees will always be professionally looked after and that they will be safe. This insures that you will never get hit with a large bill again.

Who can Benefit?

Basically, any property owner. We initially established this plan for large properties where we would need to send a crew for days on end to take care of numerous trees. We now simply spend two or three days a month at the properties and charge them a discounted monthly fee.

Homeowners . Apartment Buildings . Condominium Complexes/HMO’s . Commercial Buildings . Schools . Parks . Golf Courses . Multiple Locations

Benefits and Features:

  • Low Monthly Cost for all Tree Care
  • Free Annual Fertilization
  • Free Annual Inspection
  • Monthly News Letter
  • One Tree Planted a Month (We Plant a Tree once a month on your behalf)
  • Emergency Service Discounts
  • Discounts on Tree Planting
  • Discounts on Removals
  • Discounts on Replacement Trees
  • Discounts on Landscape Designs
  • Discounts on Arborists Reports

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