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Tree trimming in La Canada, Glendale and Pasadena

Flintridge Tree Care has been successfully trimming trees in Glendale, La Canada, San Marino, South Pasadena, and Pasadena.

45 years in the tree business. We are certified tree workers, with knowledgeable project managers, and arborists.

Tree trimming is essential for the drought

It’s easy to be reluctant about tree trimming/tree pruning especially if you have several trees on your property. However, the benefits outweigh the risks.

Glendale residents benefit from trimming trees regularly.  Today, Flintridge Tree Care is in Glendale, CA, trimming trees to improve the overall appearance and structure of the tree, which prevents the development of broad or weak branches. It also keeps limbs from growing with weak crotches or even crossing each other and competing for space in the crown.

While in Glendale, California, Tree Trimming helps counterbalance root loss.

Trimming your trees regularly allows you to accommodate any root loss. It also helps shape the trees as you wish and end up having the tree look as you envisioned it.

Tree trimming in Glendale allows you to detect any diseases before they advance.

You can easily detect any diseases affecting your trees when performing the trimming exercise. Early detection will enable you to prevent the disease from spreading and report the problem to your local specialist. Flintridge

Knowledgeable Arborists for tree trimming

Flintridge Tree Care has very knowledgeable Arborists on staff ready to assist in keeping your trees healthy.

Tree trimming increases the productivity of your fruit trees. Minimizing the number of branches that each tree has increases the number of nutrients that the tree gets from the soil. As a result, you end up getting bigger and tastier fruits.

Glendale residents improve the overall appearance of your trees. Call Flintridge tree care for your free tree trimming estimate. Our expert tree trimmers know how to shape a tree such that it looks as exquisite as you want it to be. You have to trim and clip your tree regularly to achieve the desired look.

Your local arborist, Flintridge Tree Care will minimize damage by tree trimming in Glendale, California. Trees close to the house, pool, or garage need to be pruned regularly to get rid of branches that could fall and damage your property or neighbors’ property. 

Tree trimming will add value to Your Property’s Environment. Untrimmed trees make your property look unkempt, causing your environment to lose its appearance value. You can easily change that by pruning your trees regularly. Tree trimming- Tree pruning is essential.

Ask about our low-cost maintenance plans.  Monthly payments will reduce the large lump annually.  Spread your payments over time with our maintenance plans.  Flintridge Tree Care qualified arborist will discuss a tree trimming – tree pruning plan to fit your budget and keep your trees healthy and happy.

If dead branches fall from untrimmed trees, they can cause damage to property. Keeping the trees trimmed minimizes these risks and, cuts any possible cost spent on repair.

Flintridge Tree Care will turn your property into a beautiful scenery.

Types of Tree Trimming – Tree pruning

Deadwood pruning

This involves trimming the branches that are dead, diseased, or dying. It’s also known as crown cleaning, and it helps in improving the overall appearance of the tree. Many homeowners have conflicting thoughts about this type of tree trimming, and tree pruning service despite it being the most basic.

With dead branches, it’s not about whether they’ll fall but rather when. Removing those branches at an early stage minimizes the risk of injury or any possible damage to property. You also prevent sick branches from spreading the disease and enhance the aesthetic appearance of the tree.

At times, you can focus on minimizing the size of the deadwood instead of removing the entire branch. This type of tree trimming makes the tree less dangerous and makes it look cleaner.

Dead Wood Tree Trimming

Crown Thinning

Also known as crown thinning, this type of tree trimming involves removing weak branches to open the canopy. Crown thinning enhances air and light penetration into the tree. It also lightens the load of the larger branches by removing defective branches.

When crown thinning, ensure you remove unwanted branches throughout the crown without forgetting the edges. Avoid removing too many branches from the center as this may affect the overall structure of the tree.

Crown Lifting

This is cutting off the lower branches of the tree crown to lessen the mass of the larger limbs. It is done with the aim of clearing sidewalks, and roads, and removing branches that may be conflicting with your house structure.

This type of tree pruning has adverse effects on fully grown trees since larger branches leave bigger wounds on the tree. Crown lifting is, therefore, recommended for younger plants. It is also advisable to avoid over pruning as this may affect the lower limb of the tree negatively.

This type of tree pruning allows your tree to match the surrounding landscape.

Crown Reduction

This involves lessening the overall height of the tree or the mass of the larger branches. This type of tree pruning service is highly recommendable on younger trees than it is for more mature ones. In older trees, it’s better to remove an entire limb instead of reducing it.

In this type of tree trimming, the focus is to remove terminal branches to preserve the main limb. Crown reduction should be done with great care by someone who understands the tree growth pattern. If done the right way, crown reduction allows your tree to continue growing healthy and also minimizes the risk of decaying after pruning.


This tree trimming technique involves removing all branches and remaining with a framework of the secondary branches of the main stem. Pollarding begins when the tree is still young and is done at regular intervals during the tree’s lifespan. This trimming is done to provide a constant supply of small-diameter poles.

Tree trimming is essential for the drought.

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