Beautiful & Safe Trees Come From Expert Trimming!

Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services

Tree and Shrub Trimming

Flintridge Tree Care "climber" trimming tree

Thin, shape or raise the tree canopy; eliminate crossover limbs; pull back from wires, structures or property lines; stimulate new growth; eliminate deadwood or unhealthy or hazardous limbs.  All of our employees are familiar with industry safety practices, to keep you and your family safe throughout the      process. 

Tree, Shrub and Stump Removal

Picture of tree stump demonstrating FTC's ability to remove stumps

Hazardous, dead, unhealthy or infested trees or shrubs can be both a danger and a liability. To reduce your risk, contact Flintridge Tree Care, and we'll be happy to remove any trees, shrubs or stumps you wish to eliminate.   

While stump grinders can generally remove stubborn stumps and roots,  other roots aren't as easy, and must be dug out.  It may take more time, but we'll get it done!

Tree and Shrub Planting

Flintridge Tree Care workers planting tree as part of Public Works project.

If you've had to remove a tree, or are working with a new landscape design, or just want to add a tree, contact Flintridge Tree Care.  We work with the top local nurseries in order to provide you with quality new or replacement trees and shrubs.

Infestation/Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Picture of damaged roots on carrotwood tree

Tree not looking healthy?  Seeing beetles, termites or other bugs?  Let our arborists diagnose your tree, and prescribe the necessary fertilizers, pesticides or other treatment to nurse it back to health!

At Flintridge Tree Care, trees are our passion. We'll do what it takes to keep your trees safe, healthy, and beautiful. 

Lot Clearance, Hillside Clean-up and Brush Hauling

FTC staffer hauling debris during tree trimming

If you're looking to build or to install new landscaping, and need to clear out all or part of a lot, let Flintridge Tree Care handle it for you.  Southern California is experiencing long term, drought-induced, high fire potential conditions, so it's critical that properties, particularly hillside properties, stay on top of removing dried brush to help mitigate the possibilities of your home (and your neighbor's) going up in flames. We'll be happy to help with brush clearing to help you stay in compliance with local fire codes. 

Arborist Reports and Consultations

Logo for ISA Certified Arborist

Not just anyone can call themselves a certified arborist. Reaching this pinnacle in arboriculture requires extensive training, experience, and a passing score on a comprehensive exam developed by the International Society of Arboriculture. Our arborists are highly skilled in the care of trees and shrubs. They can diagnose and treat diseases, and properly prune, manage, fertilize, and water your trees.  Contacting a certified arborist is the safest way to get a tree removed.