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Trees are dying

The drought has compromised the life expectancy of all trees.

Urban and forest trees are dying at a record rate in Southern California

The problem is related to drought or heat. When trees are under drought stress or any other stress, this reduces their defense mechanism in resisting insect damage or disease-causing organisms. Since most trees are so large, it may take several years for the tree to die due to insect, disease, or drought injury.

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What we can do to save your trees

  • Inspection
    • Start by having one of our highly trained arborists come out and assess your trees
      • Our trees are part of the value of our property and neighborhoods
      • We are able to recognize the early signs of weakness in your trees
    • Recognizing signs of drought stress is important because it can become irreversible, knowing how to mitigate the stress is invaluable
    • Most all of our competitors do not have the education and experience that our team has developed over the past 50 years.
  • A Drought Plan needs to be developed
    • Loss of water around an established feeder root system can kill off a tree fast and watering needs to be done properly. A plan to supply water to these areas needs to be established
    • Less rain and less watering will kill your trees, we need to supplement this process right away before the damage is irreversible
    • Grass and shrubs on the surface have died off and less watering is going to the trees and we still need to get water to the trees
    • Zero scape landscaping and synthetic turf can be killing your trees, this can be reversed with a professionally developed plan
    • Every tree needs to be assessed and may have deeds that are species specific
  • Trimming
    • necessary and unnecessary pruning needs to be assessed by a trained professional
      • thinning out a tree too much can shock your trees. During our drought trees are already stressed and may not endure the added stress of over trimming.
    • Deadwood
      • Trees spend extra energy on deadwood and on trunk suckers and they should be removed
    • Low hanging limbs need to be removed to so we can move around under urban trees
    • Insects are attracted to dead wood
      • Termites only devourer dead wood and they can swarm from your trees to your home in a day, even right after you have tented your home
    • Bacteria and or fungus
      • Drought compacted soil cuts off oxygen to the soil and roots and bacteria can grow  
      • Too much water can cause root fungus
      • A supplemental watering system needs to be well thought out
  • Watering
    • Watering in an urban environment can be a challenge
      • The root zones of our trees are usually shared with our neighbors
      • Roots establish themselves where there is a water source and when that source is interrupted the tree becomes stressed
    • Around hard scape
    • Drip irrigation
      • This is the most common way to maintain a consistent water source to our trees
      • Drip irrigation can be unsightly and not practical around hardscape
      • Drip irrigation can be a tripping hazard
    • Watering tubes!
      • Direct root watering
      • Conserves water by watering directly to root system, eliminates runoff
      • Collects natural rain/surface water directing it to the root system
      • Can be connected to low volume automated irrigation supply.
      • Eliminates tree stress caused by soil compaction.
      • Root Aeration supplies oxygen rich air directly to the root zone.
      • Permanent solution for drought conditions.
      • Establishes tree root zones quicker.
      • Promotes deep root growth.
      • Can be used on new plantings or existing trees.
      • Fertilize directly to root zone with less fertilizer and no run-off.
      • Installed in a day by one of our team.
  • Mulch
    • Holds the moisture so water is utilized and doesn’t evaporate
    • Decomposition adds much needed organic nutrients to the soil
    • We produce organic mulch everyday all day
    • Can be added over drip irrigation and watering tubes
  • Weeding
    • Weeds compete for water needed for our landscaping
    • Weeds use up valuable nutrients from the soil
  • Fertilizing
    • Fertilizing a weak tree can add additional stress if done in the wrong manor.
    • We use time released tablets to avoid shocking your trees
    • Ideally, we add fertilizer into the watering tubes to ensure direct delivery
  • Removal
    • When all else has failed we can remover dead or dying trees and turn them into mulch that will be used around another tree to save it.
    • Unnecessary planting and shrubs that take too much water
    • Dead or dying trees all fall, remove them before it’s too late!

During this historic drought, there are several things that you can do to help preserve our urban forest. As we continue to prioritize our water use, it is important to remember that trees are one of our greatest community assets. They improve air quality, provide shade, and beautify our communities. During this drought, they need a little extra care. One of our trained arborists are available to assess your needs.

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